All You Need To Know About Plantation Shutters

There are various types of shutters, and one of these varieties are the plantation shutters; but what exactly is a plantation shutter and what does it look like? Before we can discuss plantation shutters, we need to understand what a shutter is. A shutter is a covering for a window that blocks out light, similar to a curtain except that it is fitted into the window. Furthermore, it is made of wood instead of fabric increasing levels of privacy and security. Shutters also require less maintenance than curtains and have been known to improve an individual's sleep patterns.

Now that we have a better understanding of what a shutter is, we can know what a plantation shutter is. A plantation shutter is also made of wood, but instead of presenting as one solid slat it comes in two or three flexible panels. These panels are similar to blinds in that they can be opened and closed, however plantation shutters are far more durable. Beautiful plantation shutters are found primarily on country homes.

What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters have various advantages which will be discussed below:

1. Low maintenance and durable

As is aforementioned, plantation shutters and shutters in general are highly durable and very low maintenance. This is due to the item being made of wood and not fabric or plastic.

2. Increased security

Unlike curtains or traditional blinds, the plantation shutter is installed directly into the window fitting which contributes to increased security and privacy. Furthermore, this direct installation increases a filtering of sunlight into the room making this type of shutter a very high-quality item.

3. Privacy

As is noted, this type of shutter is fitted into the door or window and this includes the obscurely shaped doors and windows as well. This means that the plantation shutter can be customized to oddly shaped glass roofs and conservatories, thus increasing levels of privacy as well as security. It should also be noted that plantation shutters are also available as partial covers adding privacy and light.

4. Elegance and style

This type of shutter is generally made of high quality wood and is now available in a variety of colors and designs in order to suit all home interiors. Due to this increased amount of variation in style, the plantation shutter is now able to add elegance to a property irrespective of its age.